1. do your pre-interview research source before going into an interview, do the proper research. study up on good posture and non-verbal communication. find out a bit about the business with which you are interviewing. learn what you can about the industry and use the information you prepare yourself with to demonstrate confidence and apkit […]

This planet is 5.4 billion years old, man has occupied it for only 200,000 years. We haven’t been here that long in comparison to the age of the earth, but as a human race, we have done some pre

Fashion trends are fickle. What’s in today might be labelled bizarre tomorrow. Despite the highly subjective and mercurial nature of fashion trends some of the outfits have managed to grab everyone’s eyes and have left a mark in the fashion industry, either due to their elegance or because of their sheer outlandish tones. 10 such […]

I don’t claim to be an authority figure in the fine arts department. Nor do I have the money to purchase one of these highly sought-after collectables I do however, have an opinion. My opinion i

1. juggling source believe it or not, some people actually put this on their resume. if it’s not a circus you’re applying to then what can juggling possibly do with the job? juggling isn’t bad, but it isn’t relevant either. 2. love for hard problems source what hard problems do you love? are they related to […]
Not from now, but since many ages have the Poles, one of the most astonishingly cultural and brightly brave European communities been at the loggerheads with acerbic challenges. When not the Holocaust, then other attacks and anxieties in fending off territorial expansion attempts by other colonies in Europe- Poland has seen more than it snows […]
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