Category: Lifestyle

1. seconds – (free for ios) seconds is a timer for interval training. what’s really awesome about seconds is that you can customize the exercises and the app will speak the intervals out loud while you work out. this app lets music play in the background and the alerts will play over top. 2. nike […]
Writing a novel definitely is not one of the easiest things. Some authors, who write bestsellers, often have mixed feelings in pursuance of their own work. However, they try to advertise it in order to enhance the chance of becoming a household name. Some others, though, who write favorite books, therefore, are forced to give […]
1. just because you’ve heard their side of it first, does not make them right often, when a dispute is being dealt with, the person who gets to the most people with their side of it first is the one perceived as the victim. a huge struggle is getting people to realize that just because one […]
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