Zimbabwe, in an amazing new development, bans beating of children. Finally!

In of the most landmark developments coming from the African continent, the focus of the world has centred toward Zimbabwe.

Formerly called Rhodesia, Zimbabwe is today known for three things; dirty politics, immense corruption and, a state of geopolitical decay.

Over and above other realities that mushroom around as a positive, often conveniently missing the public eye, so much of good happening in this famous African nation gets veiled behind the murkiness of its clamour; a clamour of negative, coming from all aspects of life.

But news is that Zimbabwe has finally banned the age old custom of beating children. Yeah, you read this one right. Neither in school nor at home, shall the act be committed, standing banned by the high court of the East African Republic.

No more would the children or youngsters of Zimbabwe be getting thrashed, whether inside a domestic, household set up or by those officiating the law or administering the country. The East African country has now, after decades and decades together stitched a law that makes hitting a child a criminal offence, punishable by law. Amazing development, isn’t it?

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